Cousins all get amulets of protection.
Farmer's Market on Courthouse Square
Ripley County Courthouse Square
At the Bicentennial we were also the Honor Guard
FARM Club at Ripley Co. Fairgrounds, last weekend of June.
John Cummins and Reece Heffelmire at FARM Show
GJ at FARM Show.
Grill Set for my Host of an Oklahoma Wild Turkey Hunt
The finale was my attempt at Turkey design.
A batch of Iron Jewelry, fashioned with fire and hammer.
A fine example of Sun Scroll with venitian beads as decoration.
Carrie Malatesta of SHP asked for forged Chopper.
Collection of three styles of Chopper.
Trinkets for the Fletcher Family. My Uncle Alvin's anvil put to use.
Cousin Debbie Volz, Aunt Shirley and Cousin Joyce Volz protected from Trolls.
Young Hayden is Blacksmith in Training in September 2017.
Dillsboro Fall Festival September of 2017.
These are some items to have on hand for the three day Operation Pumpkin festival.
Mobile Shop at Hamilton's Operation Pumpkin
Gary J forges the finale for a grill fork at Operation Pumpkin.
OP GJ Fork.jpg
John Cummins and Ram's Head fire poker.
Young Blacksmiths take a turn at the forge on Sunday of OP
Joe Hughes of Blacklist Skateboard Shop commissioned 86s.
These items headed for John Sabati of Hawaii. We are texting buddies with a group of Wild Turkey Hunters.
Giant Troll Cross and letter opener
Letter Opener fashioned from round stock.
First customer of the Moores Hill Bicentennial Event September 22, 2018
John Cummins as parade passes
John Cummins forges head of Moose hook.
GJ at the Forge. Moore's Hill Bicentennial 9/22/2018
Scrap from Monument sign in Fairfield OH
Decorative Hook for Horse Collar
Lynn looks for Trolls
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