A door with all its original hardware.
Bedroom Door
A Barrel Bolt
Latch Plate looks like a Redbud Leaf
This Door missing all of its iron hardware
Door missing top and bottom hinge
Tools to match original marks
Mythical bird
First hinge re-created
John adorning a Old Timbers hinge with tooling
A leaf hinge in the raw in the shop
Leaf hinge ready to fulfil its destiny
Center hinge missing
Collection of hinges fresh out of the shop
Latch cobbled together to be useful, until we make the Repairs
Latch completley missing.
John with a couple of Owl Latches
A collection of latch plates and inside mechanism.
An offending piece of road junk
The vision evolves
Back in the fire to fulfil its destiny
Latch plate in the raw.
Cabin Latch is finally home.
Inside hardware of the Maple Leaf latch.
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